Get to Know Us

Swordfern Management has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing efficient and quality support services to our client-tenants and best in class physical-plant maintenance and repair since 2004. As an owner-operated management branch of RCG Group, we aim to provide an economic and effective service level to our clients, one which can only be maintained through our focused in-house management team.

Together, our team of accounting, management, maintenance, and leasing collaborate cohesively to provide full-service management of RCG Group’s diversified real estate portfolio, whether be they local or out of province.

Swordfern Head Shot Final Edits, Jaime (1 of 2)

Jamie Hudson

Project Management & Swordfern Lead

Swordfern Head Shot Final Edits, Sandra (1 of 2)

Sandra Dowsett

Office and Property Administrator

Swordfern Head Shot Final Edits, Philip (1 of 2)

Philip Lau

Intermediate Accountant

Swordfern Head Shot Final Edits, Carmen (2 of 2)

Carmen Ma