May 2020

Mulch Madness & Periodic Pruning

Coming into summer, we've had a few properties undergo some lovely upkeep via new mulch and pruning of the landscaping. We aim for clean lines and aesthetically pleasing patches with plant & flower life that is interesting and appropriate for the area.

Curb appeal is important and year-round greenery is the magic that makes living and working on the West Coast unparalleled!

Happy to See Our Tenants Open for Business!

Now that we're on Instagram (definitely friend us if you haven't yet), we've been delighted to see some of our Tenants posting about their storefronts opening or preparing to open for business. That makes us so happy for them and their employees. It's been an unprecedented few months for all of us. All the best to these wonderful businesses and all our other tenant-businesses as they embark on this next chapter!